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Why Choose StudyStake?

Vetted Students

Genuine interest ensures easy conversions

Global Strategy

Institutions expand reach; providers tap eager markets

Aligned Goals

Bridge students’ ambitions to future work, enriching partnerships

Shared Success

Tailored guidance meets dedicated enrollments & engaged clients

Our Areas of Collaboration

Don’t see your service? We’re open to exploring new avenues

Health Insurance

Banking Service

Internship Program

Career Coaching

Mobile Services & Providers

Migrant & Immigration Services



Homestay and Accommodation

English Testing Services

Tax Return

Jobs Portal

Our Collaboration Models


Direct introductions, optimizing client-student matches


Joint promotions, fostering mutual growth

Direct Service Integration

Seamless integration of your offerings on our platform

Frequently Asked Questions

How does StudyStake ensure the quality and transparency of partners?2023-10-25T22:34:16+07:00

We prioritize the welfare of our students. Every potential partner undergoes a thorough review to ensure they align with our values. This includes a commitment to financial transparency, ensuring all service charges are disclosed upfront.

Is there any fee associated with collaborating as a partner?2023-10-25T22:34:00+07:00

StudyStake offers free services to students. We expect our partners to be transparent about any charges. If there are fees for your services, they should be clearly communicated to the students upfront.

Can you elaborate on the Direct Service Integration?2023-10-25T22:33:45+07:00

Absolutely! With this model, your services are integrated into the StudyStake platform itself. Students can directly access and use your offerings without leaving our site, providing a seamless experience.

What does the Affiliate model entail?2023-10-25T22:33:31+07:00

This model involves joint marketing or promotional efforts. We might feature your services on our platform, and in return, you promote StudyStake to your clientele.

How does the Referral model work?2023-10-25T22:33:09+07:00

When we identify students who might benefit from your services, we directly introduce them to your organization. In turn, you offer them specialized assistance tailored to their needs.

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